Beautiful Piano Part In The Key Of D Major - Lessons

The 41st Hired Request, Thank You by Johnny Reid

This is the 41st Hired Request I am Now Working On

- Johnny Reid - Thank You

Look forward to seeing the lesson!

hey,nice blog thanks for following my blog :x ,have already followed back i have played piano for about 4years but then i it was boring.. my question is how long did u practise it to be so good?:) thanks

everyday, at least an hour.

Piano Lessons In The Key Of G Major. 40th Hired Request completed!

CUSTOM DVDS For A Limited Time Only!

Step 1: Go to and click ‘Browse Lessons’. Choose at least 50 videos, NOT 50 songs, but 50 videos from the master list. You can choose more than 50, but you must choose at least 50. The cost is $2 per video. Add $5 shipping US, $10 international. Step 2: Go to, click Send Money. You can use Paypal even if you don’t have a PayPal account, just like or any other online purchase. Pay to my account, which is Step 3: Send me an email to with your LIST OF VIDEOS and the NAME on your PayPal payment so I know who you are. Make sure your shipping address is correct. I’ll send you a confirmation email and please give me 2 days to ship.

hey, do you mind thinking about doing a tutorial for a song called 'i constantly thank god for Esteban' by panic! at the disco? there's a lot of piano covers on youtube, but no tutorials. could you help us out??

I’m right in the middle of doing 50 hired requests at the moment.  I’ll take more after I’m finished with that list.  Thanks!

Guitar Lesson! Smells Like Teen Spirit. Check it out.